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There is nothing quite like having a clean car, especially in the middle of an Ottawa winter. After a couple of months of snow, sleet, salt, and muck, you can almost forget what your car looks like underneath it all. And that’s just the outside. No matter how much we try to knock off our boots, a fair bit of that winter grim is making its way into the vehicle, and after that, it gets pretty much everywhere. 

Of course, while restoring our car to its summer shine is an excellent motivation to hose it off, it’s actually not the most important reason. 

At Sipan Tire and Rims, our automotive detailing specialists see hundreds of cars that have suffered irreparable damage to their finish, both inside and out. And not only does this make the vehicle less attractive later in the year when the sun is shining, but it will probably mean fewer dollars in your pocket when it comes time to sell it.

Needless to say, we understand why many Ottawa motorists don’t want to clean their cars in the winter. It’s simply too cold, and the gas station carwash is usually ineffective and overpriced for what you get.

However, there are quite a few reasons why you may want to make an appointment to have our Detailing Team give your car a once over. And while you may not require the Platnum Package regularly, our specialists recommend that you clean your vehicle every two weeks during the winter months. 

We’re going to explore some of the reasons you should keep your car spic and span even when the snow and ice make it more of a challenge. However, if you would rather not have to bother with it yourself, our team is here to get you all cleaned up. You can find all of our packages and prices here.

Preserving the Paint

Probably the most apparent reason anyone cleans their car, especially during the winter months, is to protect that finish. 

When you bought your vehicle, no doubt, the dealership had it polished up nice. And while a shinny car is delightful to have, keeping that outer layer of paint in good order to protect the metal underneath is considerably more critical. Your paint job is the first line of defence that keeps the corrosive elements of an Ottawa winter from breaking down the vehicle’s body, causing you either extensive repair work or to retire the car sooner than planned. Although it’s not just Ottawa winters that wear down a finish. Direct sunlight and heat will also take their tool, which is why we recommend having a complete wax every three months.

It’s also important to note that it doesn’t take much in the way of rust to cause you considerable grief. A little bit of paint wear leads to a small amount of rust, and before you know it, there’s a costly repair to pay for to prevent it from destroying the exterior of your vehicle. 

Besides having your car washed every couple of weeks and waxed every three months, getting the finish buffed once a year helps ensure you get rid of problems before they start. Buffing uses polishing compounds, except it removes a thin layer of paint from the surface of the body panels. This process eliminates scratches and damaged paint as it buffs. The result is a smooth, fresh paint surface that brings back the car’s lustre and shine. These extra steps will ensure that your finish continues to protect the vehicle for years to come.

Increase Driver Safety

We all know the roads get more dangerous during the winter months. However, with regular car cleaning, drivers can reduce the risk to themselves and other motorists venturing out on to those snowy roads. 

The most crucial bit of cleaning for safety is, obviously, the windshield and surrounding windows. Those should all be adequately cleaned off before every trip and not just given a squirt with the wipers as you drive away. As automotive specialists, we hear about too many accidents caused by poor visibility. Make sure you take the time before you set out. Of course, our detailing team can help make this easier. As part of our winter cleaning packages, we inspect and clean your wiper blades and ensure your windshield wiper nozzles are free of debris and are functioning correctly. 

The next thing when it comes to safety and winter cleaning is your outside mirrors. Too many drivers realize that they neglected to clean them off when they’re ten minutes down the road and can’t see anyone coming up beside them. Be sure you do a quick left-right check before you pull away.

Of course, if you’re like most people, your car has a tendency to fill up with clutter, some of which can become a visual obstruction if you’re not careful. Regularly taking some time to clean any unneeded items from your vehicle ensures there is nothing to get in the way of your line of sight.

Preventing Health Issues

We understand that no one wants to be outside vacuuming the car in the winter unless you have a heated garage. However, neglecting to clean out the inside of your vehicle regularly throughout the year can actually pose some serious health risks. Whether it’s bits of food, spilled coffee, or merely grim tracked in on your boots, your closed up car quickly becomes a petri dish of potentially hazardous bacteria. Not to mention, dust and dirt create poor interior air quality, making it more likely you’ll catch a cold or exacerbate allergies. Our team of sanitary professionals are experts at shampooing carpets and restoring vehicle interiors to their factory settings. We’re also quite well qualified to assist with any noxious odours that may have developed. 

As a general rule for regular interior upkeep, you want to ensure the parts of your car you touch the most, such as your steering wheel, dashboard, door handles, seatbelts, and gear shifter, as sterile as possible. Routine detailing will give you a good base, but it’s also a great idea to keep a package of cleaning wipes in the glove box for regular touch-ups. Keeping germs and bacteria from lingering in your vehicle means you and your family can sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Resale Value

When it comes time to part with your car, it’s incredible just how much regular detailing can do for the resale price you’re able to get. Whether you’re trading the car into a dealership or selling it privately, everyone is looking for a reason to give you fewer dollars for your old car. Small nicks and scratches cost you money. Worn out carpet and faded seats bring down the price. Whereas a shampooed motor tells a buyer, they better snap this up now because you were an owner that looked after this car, and it’s going to go quickly!

Whether you’re interested in health and safety, prolonging your car’s life, or ensuring you get the best price down the road on a trade-in, there are plenty of benefits of regular car cleaning. And while most everyone loves spending a summer afternoon polishing the car, most people don’t keep it up during the winter months. If you’re looking for a little help maintaining a pristine vehicle inside and out, make an appointment to drop it off at our automotive detailing centre. When you pick it up, you’ll swear you’re driving it off the lot again for the first time. 

Mony Hanna

Mony Hanna

Mony Hanna is the owner and operator of Sipan Tires & Rims. He has dozens of years of experience in the tire and aftermarket wheel industry. Get in touch with Mony today to get the best deal on Wheels and Tires in Ottawa.