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Cleaning Alloy WheelsWheels

How to Clean Alloy Wheels – A Short Guide

Alloy wheels are a popular choice for car owners due to their sleek appearance. There are literally thousands of different aftermarket wheels to adorn your ride, many of which we carry in our Ottawa wheel store. However, to maintain their shine and prevent damage, regular cleaning is required. Aside from…
Mony Hanna
September 11, 2023
20 Fun Facts About Modern TiresTires

20 Fun Facts About Modern Tires

Tires are essential to our daily lives, whether driving to work, taking a road trip, or even cycling around the neighbourhood. They're more fascinating than you might think, and there's much to learn about these rubber marvels. Here are 20 fun facts about tires that might surprise you! 1. Ancient…
Mony Hanna
August 17, 2023
All About Nitrogen Filled TiresTire MaintenanceTires

Everything There is to Know About Nitrogen-Filled Tires

You may have heard that nitrogen-filled tires can give you a smoother driving experience and wear down less over time when compared with regular compressed air-filled tires. It’s true that nitrogen-filled tires lose pressure slower than air-filled tires, improving your car’s fuel efficiency and reducing the overall maintenance your vehicle…
Mony Hanna
January 9, 2023
All About Tire Speed & Load Ratings in CanadaTire MaintenanceTires

All About Tire Speed & Load Ratings in Canada

Shopping for tires can sometimes be a confusing business. There are many factors to consider, including initial cost, on- and off-road options, servicing costs, and what time of year you'll be doing most of your driving. Along with that, you also need to know what tire speed rating and load index…
Mony Hanna
November 14, 2022
How Tires are MadeTires

How Tires are Made

We've said it before, your tires are the most essential piece of safety equipment on your vehicle. It's vital that you maintain and have them replaced when necessary. And yet, despite how indispensable they are, we often don't give much thought to the intricate process that forms those black rubber…
Mony Hanna
March 29, 2021
Extending the Life of your BrakesCar Maintenance

Extending the Life of Your Car’s Brakes

Most people give very little thought to their brakes unless, of course, they are making a loud screeching sound. Which hopefully means their next stop is the local garage. We trust that when we step on that pedal, the car will come to a halt.  And while we may not…
Mony Hanna
February 23, 2021
How to Inspect Your TiresTire MaintenanceTires

How to Inspect Your Tires

Your tires are the most critical piece of safety equipment on your vehicle. Of course, for most people, when they think about car safety, the first things that come to mind are usually seatbelts or airbags. However, as your tires are the only point of contact between your vehicle and…
Mony Hanna
January 14, 2021
How Temperature Affects a Cars' TiresTires

How Temperature Affects Your Cars’ Tires

Living in Ottawa, we have a wide array of seasonal temperatures, and we get out there and embrace all of them. Summer here is bright and warm and occasionally more humid than anywhere else on the planet. In the fall, we have the most beautiful crisp days imaginable, and everyone…
Mony Hanna
August 20, 2020