At Sipan Tire and Rims, we are automotive enthusiasts. We understand that when you buy a car, that’s merely the starting place. You, like us, want to customize your vehicle in a way that makes it yours. And you want reliable parts that take your car’s performance to the next level. 

We carry a wide variety of quality aftermarket components and provide guaranteed professional installation for everything we sell. The hardest part is knowing which upgrade to do first. Of course, we have a few recommendations.

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The first thing we suggest to customers is that they upgrade to a remote car starter with a security system. While many cars today come standard with a basic alarm, a remote starter is still rare as a factory option. 

With Ottawa winters, the ability to press a button five minutes before you’re ready to go and have a toasty car is a “must-have” option, in our opinion. Add to that a nicely defrosted windshield, and you free yourself from standing in the frigid cold one minute longer than you have to. 

It’s also quite lovely in the peak of summer to know you can cool your car off just a little bit after it’s been baking in a parking lot for a few hours.

We carry an extensive range of remote starters with immobilizers and alarm technology, and we have the professionals on hand to install them properly.

Some of the lines we carry:


One of the best aftermarket add-ons you can get to protect your car, and your wardrobe are WeatherTech Custom floor liners. Laser-cut for your specific make and model, these brilliant inserts channel the wet and dirt away from your pant cuff and ensure it doesn’t seep into the carpets. In a city with so much winter, WeatherTech products could really be labelled a necessity.


We have a lot of customers that ask us about Dashboard Cameras immediately following an accident where it would have proved useful in showing they weren’t at fault. And while accidents are probably the number one reason people decide to install a dashcam, they’re also perfect for parents loaning out the car to a child with a new licence. Or for keeping an eye on your vehicle left in a tight parking situation. Of course, with the visual advancements in dashcam technology, we’re also seeing families that want them to record their epic road trips together. What better way to get b-roll for the family video! 


We spend a lot of time in our cars. Whether it’s commuting to work, picking up the kids, or family vacations, they function a lot like a second home. So it makes sense that we want the car’s sound system to be just as good as our home stereos. At Sipan Tire and Rims, we carry some of the best car audio systems available. Our expert installers can help you decide which one will suit your needs and vehicle best. 


It always seems that no matter how big a vehicle you buy, it won’t be enough to handle all your family’s things when it comes to taking a road trip. A great aftermarket option is to add space on top with a rooftop box. Our experts can assist you in finding the right size and fit for your car and family.


As a full-service auto service centre, we stock the best in replacement parts to keep your vehicle performing at its peak. We also know that owning a car is about so much more than regular maintenance. For that reason, we can help guide you through the best aftermarket exhaust systems, steering wheels, and racing seat options for your vehicle. And, of course, we do also carry a wide variety of performance rims and low profile tires. Not to mention the best in four-by-four treads, raised suspension kits and trailer hitches. No matter what sort of maintenance or modification you want to do, we’re here to help. 


At Sipan Tire and Rims, we want to be your one-stop solution for anything to do with your vehicle. Our team of professionals pride themselves on being able to help our customers get the very best for their car. Whether you’re weekend mechanic, who likes to do it yourself, looking for parts and a bit of advice. Or someone who prefers to drop your vehicle off and rely on our installation experts to ensure it’s done just right. Either way, we’re here help. Call us today: 613-695-8866


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