Want to make your vehicle stand out and perform better? Enhance your ride with custom wheels. The wheels you choose depend on your vehicle’s use and driving conditions. For instance, you can increase the size of your wheels for off-road driving or add spinning rims for cruising around town. No matter your needs, talk to our professionals and we will give you custom wheel options.

If you know anything about us, it’s that we really like great custom wheels. We understand that the right rims can do so much for your vehicle. They can add a distinctive aesthetic look, but also contribute to your car’s overall performance. And, in the Ottawa area, with our well-defined seasons, having the right wheels for the weather can be critical to your safety on the road.

There is any number of reasons you may decide it’s time for new wheels. You might be purchasing snow tires and want a smaller steel rim to add stability and accommodate the thicker tire walls. You may be planning to take your truck on off-road adventures and need some larger, sturdier wheels to handle the rugged terrain. Or maybe you want some low-profile tires with lighter aluminum rims to take advantage of their reduced weight, increased handling, and flashier look. Whatever your reason, our Custom wheel experts are here to help you through the selection. 


Let’s walk through the first few steps of how to select the right wheels for your vehicle. 

The first thing to consider is the material. We carry a full selection of both aluminum alloy and steel wheels, depending on what you want and the make of the car that you have. So how do you decide?

Aluminum Alloy Wheels, are light-weight and tuff. They provide improved performance, handling, and gas mileage. Not to mention, they also make your ride look cool and come in the choice of custom finish that’s right for you. Of course, these wheels are built for roads. No matter if you’re driving about the city or even taking your car to the track, aluminum rims are going to be at their best on clean, smooth roads.

Custom Steel Wheels, on the other hand, are denser than aluminum. These wheels are the perfect choice for off-road driving or heavy-duty work. By selecting durable steel wheels, you improve your vehicle stability and still have options when it comes to the finish. These are the best wheels for most trucks if you plan to roll up and over curbs, and they make for great seasonal wheels for winter tires dealing with Ottawa’s less than clear wintery roadways.

After you’ve decided on either aluminum alloy or steel wheels, then comes the fun part, choosing a finish. With either option, you can select polished, painted, powder-coated, or possibly chrome plated. However, we usually suggest you restrict the spinners to aluminum street-based cars, as they won’t last long rolling through the mud or hauling around a construction site. 

In our showroom, you’ll find a fantastic selection of both steel and aluminum rims to look through. However, if you don’t see precisely what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance we can order it in for you. 

We count some of the most exceptional wheels manufacturers in the world amongst our in-house brands. You can look through the list for something you already like, or you can try our Wheel Visualizer. It lets you see how all sorts of new rims will look on your exact make, model, and colour of car. It’s fun to play with, even if you aren’t planning on buying new wheels right away. 

At Sipan Tire and Rims, we love helping customers select new wheels for their cars. And we like being able to stock a large selection, at great prices. If you’re in the market for new rims, come in and find out why most of Ottawa knows us as the Lord of the Rims. 

Of course, once you’ve picked out new wheels, then you get to decide on what fabulous new tires are going to go with them. We can help with that too! 


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