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When it comes to making a car your own, one of the best and most distinctive things you can do is to add aftermarket wheels. Not only are they great for squeezing an extra bit of handling and performance out of the vehicle, but they look fantastic.
Every year we help hundreds of car owners, in the Ottawa area, find the right set of silvers to personalize their ride and take it to the next level. And, no doubt, we have the right rims for you.
Although before we start telling you about our hottest picks for this year, we have an important disclaimer: If you’re looking for someone to talk you out of adding some incredible new wheels to your car for the summer, you’ve absolutely come to the wrong place.
With that out of the way, let’s look at what wheels we’ve got in store for the 2020 summer driving season.

Enkei – GTC01RR – Racing Series

These are gorgeous wheels, performance-driven and yet understated. In either Titanium Gold or Matte Gunmetal, they are not the sort of rims that scream for attention. However, once you notice them, you won’t be able to look away. You also get to choose from three concave variations to suit your style, which you may find to be a difficult choice.

The GTC01RR was designed and tested to stand-up in high-performance situations, enabling drivers to achieve incredible cornering, braking, acceleration, deceleration, and steering response. It took Enkei considerable research to develop rims that maintain high rigidity while still being incredibly lightweight. If you like to go, these are your wheels. Weblink.


There has been a growing trend in the last number of years to move towards less flashy wheels. Gunmetals and matte finishes have become incredibly popular. However, there is are still those who what their rims to sparkle, just a little, as they pull up. With Tabac, TSW has found the perfect balance. The semi-gloss catches the eye without being over the top, and the five tuning fork-shaped spokes allude to the high level of engineering that went into making them. Named for the Virage du Tabac, turn number twelve of the Monaco race circuit, these wheels are bred for performance. Weblink.

FUEL OFF-ROAD – AMMO – Model D701 -Anthracite w/ Black Ring

Available in 17×9 / 18×9 / 20×9 with 5 / 6 Lug

Of course, not everyone is looking for street performance. Some summer automotive enthusiasts are chopping at the bit to get out on those dirt roads with their 4WD. And for that, our favourite new styling is the AMMO D701. The chunky, two-tone finish sits nicely in the centre of well-tread truck tires. The look is sure to attract attention when they’re not covered in mud. And, they’re made solid with a severe off-road pedigree by the folks at Fuel. Weblink.

Fuel OFF-ROAD – COVERT – Model D695 – Candy Red w/ Black Ring

Available in 16×8 / 17×9 / 18×9 / 20×9 with 5 / 6 / 8 Lug

Now, if you’re the sort of off-roader who craves a little more flash from your wheels, these are probably going to be a little more your speed. While we’re not taking back our first choice (above), if you drive something like a solid black Jeep with a dark tint and really want to make a statement, you should probably go with the COVERT D695. The red spider-web spoke, with black hub and outer rim looks absolutely incredible. And, we can guarantee you that you won’t come across too many of them out there. Built tough by Fuel Off-Road, these wheels are a declaration of style and independence. Be ready to get a lot of attention. Weblink.

KMC – KM542 IMPACT – Satin Black Machined

If you’re one of those truck or SUV drivers that rarely finds the need to head off-road, except for maybe job sites or cottage trails, the KMC Impact is the wheel you need. It’s well made and will hold it’s own. Not to mention, with the Satin Black Machined finish, this wheel is stunning, and the eight split-spokes give your vehicle a sophisticated polish. With a black outer edge and hub, combined with matte silver spokes, no matter what make of truck you drive, it’s going to look high-end. Weblink.

DUB – PUSH – S110 – Gloss Black

AVAILABLE SIZES: 20×8.5, 22×9.5, 24×9.5, 26×9.5

The Push line by Dub is one of our favourites for adding just the right amount of character. These wheels are stylish without being garish, and yet the gloss black still turns heads. Their well-balanced modern appearance is an exceptional look for multiple makes and models. However, in our opinion, these wheels sit best on sport hatchbacks. They give gravitas to smaller cars that you don’t get with a lot of other rims. They almost seem to ground the vehicle, even more so with a dropped suspension. Weblink.


AVAILABLE SIZES: 22-inch to 32-inch

No other rim draws as much attention as a Spinner. Their two-part construction makes them dazzling to anybody you drive past, and they add a certain glamour to almost any vehicle you stick them on. One of the best for the 2020 summer season is the chrome finish Crooked. With its dark centre covered by sharp silver edges, any movement will make your wheels look as if they’re slicing forward through the air. Weblink.

American Racing – VN701 NOVA

18 x 9-inch – FINISH Chrome Gloss Black Machined 

It is hard to go wrong with a classic five-star rim design on almost any vehicle. However, American racing takes this look up a notch for the 2020 model year. The brushed finish of the chrome is gorgeous, and the black inlay shows of the subtle elegance of the spoke breadth as it widens from hub to rim. These beautiful classics are going to look at home on almost any model. They work just as well on an SUV or pick-up as they do on an American muscle car. Weblink.

Niche – VERONA – Model M150 SUV – Black & Brushed with Double Dark Tint

The Niche SUV and light truck collection for 2020 is something to check out. And, the Verona stands out as a particular favourite, with its two-tone dark finish on a six-spoke pattern. While not flashy, these wheels are attention getters with their sophisticated, modern look. Swap your factory wheels for a set of Verona, and your mid-level SUV is going to look lux. Weblink.

Motegi Racing – MR142 – Satin Black with Red Stripe

Eight slim spokes in satin black, with a low profile black outer rim, traced with a thin red stripe make for a slick-looking wheel. This 2020 catalogue addition to the Motegi Racing line is definitely going to kick your car up style-wise. It looks fantastic with black or dark paint finishes but also works well with whites and silvers. No matter what car you put them on, they add an air of motorsports to the vehicle that makes it fun just to look at. Weblink.

Motegi Racing – MR221 TRAKLITE 1.0 2-PIECE – Black Polished

The sunken facade sets the polished black five-star spokes into the wheel. And while it looks like a regular spoked rim from the front, it creates an entirely different look from every other angle. This 2020 highlight is perfect for sporting out smaller cars, like the Toyota Yaris and making it look like it might just be capable of participating in the World Rally Championship. Weblink.

American Racing – AR172 BAJA – Satin Black

At first glance, these Baja wheels don’t look like anything too special. In the satin black, they don’t sparkle like a chrome wheel. There are no spinning parts to make it seem as if they’re slicing through the air. And, there are no chunky bits for an added facade of toughness. That said, put these on a Jeep, or a more hard angled SUV, and you will see how incredible they look. The simple, eight punched hole pattern feels like it’s an original military issue. You can almost imagine them powering you into enemy territory, navigating through rugged terrain, and crushing over most any obstacle. These are serious wheels that get the job done, and there’s something pretty cool about that. Weblink.

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Mony Hanna

Mony Hanna

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