If you live in Ottawa or the surrounding area and have a garage, very likely, your vehicles are going to spend the winter months inside when not in use. The consistent levels of snow we get every year means it’s the only way to avoid clearing off the car every time you want to go out. Very often, this doesn’t leave a lot of extra room to store your seasonal set of tires in there as well. 

Of course, as many people move to condos and the city centre density intensifies, the option to try and squeeze them in somewhere doesn’t even exist. For this reason, many residents are turning to Sipan Tire and Rims for our tire storage services. We provide a clean, climate-controlled space to keep your summer wheels cozy and ready to go when the season starts to shift. And, when you need somewhere for those winter tires, we make sure they are correctly cared for and ready to take on the next snowfall when the time comes.

So what makes our tire storage the better option for your off-season wheels? Quite simply, it’s our meticulous attention to detail in prepping, storing, and maintaining your second-set in the best way possible while they’re in our care. These are a few of the ways we ensure that when you’re ready for them, your wheels ready to go.

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Before we put your wheels down for their seasonal nap, we give them a good cleaning. Throughout the months of use, your tires get coated in brake dust, dirt, and road grime. None of which is good for the rubber compounds. While on your car, these irritants are either cleaned or steadily replaced, when in storage, they will sit, fester, and start to deteriorate your tires. If you’re storing your tires on your own, be sure to avoid using any Tire Dressing after you’ve cleaned them. While it looks great on the road, in storage, it’s just going to cause problems. 


After your tires are cleaned off and dry, we place them in our storage facility in large plastic bags to limit their air exposure. Doing this helps prevent the lubricating oil within the tire compounds from evaporating and extends the lifespan of your tires overall. We also make sure our storage area maintains a cool, dry, and dark atmosphere. This prevents any unnecessary degradation over the months your wheels are resting. If you’re storing your tires at home, you want to make sure they are dry, bagged, and that you keep the temperature as consistent as possible. Cool is best, but too cold can be bad for the rubber. If your garage is little more than a cover, it’s probably not the best place to keep them, as they can be affected by either the summer heat or the winter cold. 


The truth is, it depends. If we’re storing your tires off the rims, we take care to keep them standing up. This position puts the least amount of pressure on unmounted tires. If you’re storing your tires on their rims, keeping them laid flat and stacked is the best way to prevent damage. It’s essential, though, that you keep the pile short. Stacking too many tires together is a recipe for problems. A great option if you’re storing your mounted wheels at home is to hang them from hooks. That said, never hang unmounted tires as you will permanently damage the rubber.

At Sipan Tire and Rims, we are tire experts, and take the safety and longevity of our customer’s wheels very seriously. For $80 a season, you can have the peace of mind that your off-season tires are well cared for, inspected, and ready to go when it’s their turn to roll.

However, if you decide you would rather keep your off-season wheels at home, talk to one of our tire specialists. We can help you determine what accessories for home storage would be best for your space. There are a wide variety of shelves, hooks, and racks available that can help make the most of a tight garage.

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