Sipan sells a large selection of Yokohama tires in Ottawa, Ontario. We stock all season tires, SUV, light truck and performance tires for both summer and winter. Yokohama is one of the largest and most trusted tire brands in the world and we’re proud to carry their tires.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Yokohama tire models, or just need some advice on which tires would work best for your car, Sipan is here to help.


The Yokohama Limited Warranty covers new Yokohama High Performance, Passenger, Winter, and Light Truck tires used in regular conditions. If these tires become unserviceable due to a material or workmanship defect before 25% of the original tread depth is used up (50% for temporary spare tires), Yokohama will provide a similar new tire, including mounting and balancing, free of charge.

Environmental Impact

Yokohama has reduced the environmental impact of the raw materials used in tire manufacturing. They accomplished this by eliminating the use of CFCs and trichloroethane and transitioning from heavy oil to natural gas. This change decreases the emission of harmful substances like CO2 and conserves energy.


Are you eager to try Yokohama tires for the first time? Yokohama provides a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, enabling you to return the tires and receive a refund within 60 days if you are not happy with their performance.

Yokohama Tires


Sipan Tires & Rims carries a wide range of Yokohama tire models for both summer and winter. Check them out:

Summer / All-Season / All Weather Yokohama Tires

  • Advance A052
  • Advan A83B
  • Advan Fleva
  • Advan Neova Ad09
  • Advan Sport V103S
  • Advan Sport V107
  • Avid Ascend GT
  • Avid Ascent LX
  • Avid GT S35
  • Avid GT S35B
  • Avid GT S35C
  • Avid S30B
  • Avid S30D
  • Avid S33B
  • Avid S33D
  • Avid S34B
  • Avid S34D
  • Avid S34F
  • Avid S34FV
  • Avid S34M
  • Avid S34NV
  • Avid S34P
  • Avid S34RV
  • Avid S34RY
  • Avid S34TZ BW
  • Avid S35A
  • Avid Touring S
  • Bluearth-GT AE51B
  • Geolandar A/T G015
  • Geolandar CV G058
  • Geolandar G033
  • Geolandar G055
  • Geolandar G055EX
  • Geolandar G056B
  • Geolandar G91A
  • Geolandar G91AV
  • Geolandar G91F
  • Geolandar G91FV
  • Geolandar G91HV
  • Geolandar G95A
  • Geolandar G96B
  • Geolandar H/T G056
  • Geolandar I/T G072
  • Geolandar M/T G003
  • Geolandar X-AT G016
  • Geolandar X-CV
  • Parada Spec X PA02
  • RY103A
  • V105G
  • V107F BW M01

Winter Toyo Tires

  • Bluearth V905
  • Iceguard G075
  • Iceguard IG51V
  • Iceguard IG53

Not sure which Yokohama tire is right for your car, SUV or truck? Give us a call or schedule an appointment.